Tina Suaso and Kathleen are pleased to announce their collaboration in conducting personal, family or small group intensives and retreats in Arivaca, Arizona. The work with the horses will be conducted at Equinox Ranch and the lodging for people and families is at Pandora Ranch, a short drive from the horses. Kathleen and Tina have known each other for over 25 years and worked together first at Sierra Tucson, the birthplace of equine facilitated learning and psychotherapy. Read more in Kathleen’s brief memoir “Unexpected Grace.


These Arizona Intensives are an amazing opportunity for individuals to have a personal experience with two facilitators and the horses. Kathleen’s extensive experience in psychotherapy and the field of EFL along with Tina’s experience as a psychotherapist and shamanic practitioner qualify them to present a unique opportunity. Equine adventures along with shamanic drumming, shamanic journeying, expressive arts, Chi Gong and other modalities suited to the individual or small group make this an exciting and fulfilling spiritual journey.

To find out more about this opportunity and to schedule an intensive/retreat, contact Kathleen and a phone consult will be arranged.

pandora ranch.


IMG_2617Tina Suaso. PhD is a spiritual teacher and psychotherapist who resides in Tucson, Arizona. She studied with a master teacher for over 15 years and is a student and researcher on the shamanic technique of Dreamwalking. She received her doctorate in psychology, Spirituality and Consciousness studies, from Saybrook University in San Francisco. She has conducted numerous retreats and workshops that focus on facilitating a shift in consciousness through the use of drumming, meditation, energy awareness and dream work. These techniques often open one to different modes of thought and action, enabling one to approach life with increased mindfulness and awareness. For more information visit DesertMilagos.net


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