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East Sussex, United Kingdom

Exploring the Scientific, Psychological and Spiritual Dimensions of Equine Facilitated Learning and Psychotherapy


Monday May 30 – Friday, June 2, 2011 

COST: £895


Led By Kathleen Barry Ingram MA co-creator of The Epona Approach ™


This workshop is for people interested in the subtle energetic connections between all of life.  We exist interdependently in relationship with all in the invisible web of the quantum field.  Horses, as consummate teachers, can show us how to re-discover, connect and develop our “knowing” selves.  The Zone of Intuitive “Knowing” comes directly from the ‘brain in the gut’ and the ‘brain in the heart’, and informs and integrates this “knowing” with our neocortex, thus allowing for conscious choices in the present moment.  This workshop includes experiential exercises with the horses that engage our innate abilities to use these organs of perception.  We can choose to enter the Zone of Intuitive “Knowing” through direction from these powerful centers of intelligence in concert with the intelligence centered in the brain.  When fully grounded we are able to extend our self-awareness into all aspects of daily life and live authentically each moment with tangible success.


Suitable for business and life coaches, counselors, psychotherapists, healing therapists (any discipline), teachers, business managers, trainers and consultants, all horse professionals or anyone interested in human growth and development. This is a non riding workshop. (This workshop can be used as a qualifying workshop for approved EAP/FEAL Qualification Training)



COST: £895

Great Cansiron Farm House, Cansiron Lane, Hartfield, East Sussex, TN7 4LD

Tel:   +44 1342 850330

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9 Women graduated from the 2009 program and will be presenting the HEAL MODEL™ to a world-wide audience along with the 2008 graduating class. (look under 2008 Class in Events for information about these facilitators).  Leigh, Kathleen and David Young are so pleased that the following individuals will be taking the work and facilitating people and horses towards a more fulfilled and satisfying life.




EVA BALZER:  Animal Healing & Coaching for Personal Development:Masters Degree in Business Administration   GERMANY            

Eva & Jola

Eva & Jola

Animal Healer: Acupuncture; Osteopathy; Animal Communication; Reiki I & II; Family Therapy

Contact Information: Germany Tel+491722320836;




SANDRA BOE: Founder & Program Director, Boots ‘n Breeches Therapeutic Horsemanship; Advanced NARHA Instructor  WASHINGTON STATE   “As a therapeutic riding instructor, I have seen the amazing transformative power that happens when you connect in relationship with a horse.  I have experienced it myself in my own personal journey as I have coped with multiple sclerosis since 1998.  I know I am as well as I am because of my work with the horses.  As an EFL practioner, I hope to offer the opportunity to engage in healing relationships with our equine partners.” 

Sandra Boe

Sandra Boe

     Contact Information: Tacoma, Washington,


MATNEY COOK: TLC Horsemanship: Safe & Gentle coaching for both horses and humans who walk the path towards true connection through self-aware horsemanship.  WASHINGTON STATE

What were dreams for me a year ago are now a rality because of this life changing HEAL program.  Not only have I learned the skills that enable me to step into my soul’s purpose, I’ve also gained the confidence to facilitate others on their journey to authenticity.  I am so grateful to Leigh and Kathleen for helping me to hear the horses calling and learn to believe in my own magic.”


Matney Cook

Matney Cook

Contact Information:  Washington State
Tel: 360-420-5520
EMMA DINNAGE: Heart of the Herd: EFL with my horses and yours; Spiritual Healing for humans and horses and all animals; Animal Bereavement; Flower Essences and Essential Oils.  UNITED KINGDOM
” I have experienced and trained in various energy healing methods over the past 5 years and am a student member of the NFSH (National Federation of Spiritual Healers).  I have studied Touch for Health Kinesiology and am currently working towards a diploma in Zoopharmacognosy at the Ingraham Academy in the UK”                                                            
Emma Dinnage & Charlie

Emma Dinnage & Charlie

Contact Information: United Kingdom                                           
ROBIN KRUEGER: NARHA EFHMA membe; Board Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center. WASHINGTON
” Training in EFL facilitation enables facilitators to help others experience their own authentic self.  But it begins with one’s personal journey to a place of individual authenticity.  The challenge of arriving and holding consciousness in that space is the greatest gift we can give one another, especially in such a demanding and rapidly changing worls.  It works.”  
Robin Krueger

Robin Krueger

Contact Information: Washington State
ANN GLAZE: Small Business Advisor- Specializing i Process Improvement and Communications; B.S. in Business Adminstration, Computer Science: 30 years of experience in managing people, programs and processes.  Offering EFL workshops to support client’s desire to change. WASHINGTON
Ann Glaze

Ann Glaze

“Not fully understanding why the call to take this course was so strong, I trusted that heeding the call would make sense over time.  The work has always made such sense to me and has had a significant impact on me personally, vut I was not sure how it might fit into my work as a small business advisor.  I see now that the horses allow us to see ourselves more clearly and to release old patterns of behavior that hold us back.  Clarity and process improvement are core principles of my business practice.  What better way to help business people think about things differently than to partner them with a horse?  The willingness to risk change is what this work is all about”
Contact Information:  Washington State
Tel: 253-209-6358
CHARMAINE LANE: Bsc Animal Science; Master Practioner of NLP and Hypnosis: UNITED KINGDOM
EFL Sessions; NLP and Hypnosis
Charmaine Lane

Charmaine Lane

“Being a part of the 2009 HEAL program has been one of the best decisions I have made.  Following my heart, part of me had no idea what to expect or quite how soon something I would like to do one day, is now becoming part of my reality.  Throughout the last year of my life, I have been remembering what has been hidden in me all along, and trusting myself more and more.  I now feel I am ready to share the wisdom of the horses with other people using the exercises and tools from the HEAL MODEL™.  This program has empowered me to take my knowledge and inner knowing out into the world and start making a difference in other people’s lives.”
Contact Information:  United Kingdom
Old Stables Park Farm
Chelwood, Bristol, BS39 4NH
United Kingdom
Tel: 07830070680
DONNA MARTINO:  Certified Reiki II Practitioner; Certified Medicosult Health Technician
EFL Individual Programs; Reiki; Magnetic Resonance Stimulation for Horses and Humans. COLORADO
Donna Martino & Kah-Ching

Donna Martino & Kah-Ching

” I have always loved horses and wanted to help people, but did not know how to put the two together.  The HEAL program has helped me to discover my gifts, my passion and a neq purpose in life.  This year has been an exciting journey with the very first EFL workshop I attended in Scottsdale in February, to a private intensive with Kathleen and Lisa Dee in April, and culminating with the HEAL Facilitator Training Program in June and October.  Now it is time to bring the magic home to my own program by helping empower women through their own journey of self discovery with the horses”.
Contact Information:   Colorado
Parker, Colorado
Tel: 303-880-7144
MAAIKE de HOOP:  Adolescent Home for Youth at Risk: PORTUGAL
“We take adolescents that have problems into our home for a couple of months and teach them how to get a “grip” on their lives again.  The horses play an important role in this process.
Maaike, Tammy and Tanyka

Maaike, Tammy and Tanyka"This year has been life changing. I got to know myself a lot better and I became more whole. I learned to trust my intuition, my body and my inner wisdom. Horses are great healers and I leanred how to facilitate and hold the "sacred place of possibility" for others. I want to share the wisdom of the horse with others. Kathleen and Leigh created a safe place for everybody to open up and bloom. I learned so much and am really thankful for the place and the amazing people.Contact Information: PortugalQuinta do Colaco, PortugalTel: 00351275561538Tel: 00351916100048maaikeinportugal@mac.comwww.howdoyoudo.nlEmma & Charlie