October 13 – 15, 2015, For Facilitators: Using Equine Assistance to Work with Victims of Sexual Abuse, Bundaberg, Australia

May 13, 2015 by  

phoenix house logoKathleen will be traveling to Phoenix House in Bundaberg, Australia (near Brisbane) to present at a workshop designed for therapists and facilitators around the assistance of horses working with people with sexual abuse.

Phoenix House provides a comprehensive, public health response to the prevention of sexual violence. They work on three levels of prevention:  Primary (with the general community); Secondary (for those people at risk of being sexually harmed, or at risk of committing sexual offences); and Tertiary (for those people who have already been sexually assaulted or sexually abused, or have sexualised or sexually abusive behaviors).

Phoenix House is a free confidential service, governed by a community Management Committee. Staff employed at Phoenix House hold tertiary qualifications in Forensic Psychology, Psychology, Social Work, Counselling and Teaching.


More details regarding Kathleen’s presentation coming soon!

More information: www.PhoenixHouse.com.au