September 25-27, 2012: The Zone of Intuitive Knowing; United Kingdom

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Exploring the Scientific, Psychological and Esoteric Dimensions of the IFEAL Approach with Kathleen Ingram and Sun Tui 

The Zone of Intuitive Knowing is a radical program for people interested in the neural science, subtle energetic and physiological connections between all of life. It is thought that all beings exist as a unity, interdependent in relationship with all in the invisible web of the quantum field. Horses, as consummate teachers, can show us how to re-discover, connect and develop our ‘knowing’ selves. The Zone of Intuitive Knowing comes directly from aligning the ‘brain in the gut’ with the ‘brain in the heart’ and the Mind.

Your biography becomes your biology.
This program includes experiential opportunities with the horses that engage our innate abilities to use the body as a tool for self-knowledge and perception for health and wellbeing.

Most psychologists treat the mind as disembodied, a phenomenon with little or no connection to the physical body. Conversely physicians treat the body with no regard to the mind or the emotions. But the body and mind are not separate and we cannot treat one without the other. Research has shown that the body can and must be healed through the mind and that the mind can and must be healed through the body.
Neuroscientist, Candace B Pert, Ph.D

Direct, spontaneous healing happens easily when we understand our pain and illness from the perspective of The Present. The focus is primarily on what the feelings or body sensations are in the moment, in the NOW. This way we effortlessly let go of the limiting beliefs and stories of the past and re-script new life enriching pathways to a future of other possibilities and potentials.

The Zone of Intuitive Knowing explores:

  • Developing courage and confidence to choose health and well being
  • Increases presence and effectiveness in life
  • Collaborative relationships with sentient beings with mutual respect for accessing deeper wisdoms
  • Communication and connection with clarity whilst in movement and flow of life

IFEAL Experiences take place with horses working on the ground in their natural environment. No riding is involved and no experience of horses is required.

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*Follow up individual coaching sessions are available in conjunction with this workshop.