Coaching and Mentorship

Kathleen and Lozen

As a coach/mentor Kathleen enjoys helping mental health professionals, coaches and EFL professionals find their authentic selves and assisting them in re-igniting the original blue print of their souls. She uses her 30+ years of experience as a professional counselor, addictions specialist, systems therapist and equine facilitated learning practitioner as her personal toolbox when assisting others.  Kathleen is also certified through the Pathfinders Institute in Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy and am a board certified Coach.

Coaching and mentorship are co-creative processes with the client and the coach. Not traditional psychotherapy, coaching and mentorship are a relationship where both parties are responsible and accountable for their own feelings, decisions and actions. Coaches and mentors- working as detached partners- see their client’s strengths and vulnerabilities and assist them in obtaining desired changes and outcomes. The coach/ mentor’s experience, passion and knowledge can enhance the client’s life by “holding the sacred place of possibility” which is a fully conscious, present state that is unattached to outcome or personal beliefs.

This holding allows Kathleen to feel into her client; be with them in the space between the words, and be with them in the moment. Seeing and listening with the heart engages both parties in an adventure where the full essence of the other can be heard and supported.

Kathleen and Charlie McGuire

Let Kathleen help you to:

  • Discover your untapped potential
  • Find your hidden strengths
  • Differentiate between fear and vulnerability
  • Reclaim your passion
  • Live from your authentic self
  • Use emotion as information
  • Develop emotional agility
  • Find a greater understanding of the connection between physical, emotional and mental states
  • Enhance body awareness
  • Find a greater sense of self-confidence
  • Live in a state of being vs. doing
  • Find your heart’s desire
  • Live a life of balance, joy and peace

Mentorship in Equine Facilitated Learning

This advanced learning opportunity is for those wanting better understanding of the science and psychology underlining the wisdom of the horse. Kathleen wants to assist qualified individuals in a one on one mentorship program which will emphasize the most recent research on the importance of relationships in learning; the limbic system; implicit knowing versus explicit knowledge; and the latest scientific information available to validate and affirm the intuitive knowing received from the horses. The recent advancements in brain science, psychological studies on relationships and the importance of connection with nature support the work with horses.

This program includes personal mastery, reading assignments and reviews, practice sessions, and all material pertinent to a thorough understanding and execution of an equine facilitated learning session. Whether you are a young person starting out, a recent “retiree”, a person looking for a new career or life path, or a parent, as long as you are alive you are in transition. This transitional phase, a time of exploration, can be challenging and exciting and with a caring professional’s guidance can lead to a new life full of promise and joy.  Learn more… 

The following facilitators have completed the Mentorship in Equine Facilitated Learning and you can contact them directly for an experience or to hear what this program has meant to them.

Beth Godwin

“I am very honored to be mentored by Kathleen. To have access to her infinite wisdom and depth of knowledge is a great privilege. I finally feel as though I am beginning to really understand the true essence of the EFL work. I also feel very inspired and supported by our mentoring relationship. Thank you Kathleen for giving me this wonderful opportunity, and to the Universe for bringing our paths together.”


Aquila Coaching

Carla O’Brien

mom daisy head shot smaller“I absolutely cannot put into words the value of Kathleen’s program, her years of wisdom, and generous heart. She is truly in this work to make a difference. Kathleen is the consummate heart felt professional, offering incredible structure, background, and documentation as a platform for her mentorship students. But from there, she is able to truly be with and understand all the challenges of the learning that might come up and holds your sacred space in such a way the you soar to your accomplishment and knowledge in this work. Since I was already an accomplished horsewoman, the ability to do this work remotely allowed me to get the training I needed. I loved being required to do write ups of each horse/client session and then review and have feedback on my results and learning. The program, as it is structured, allows for so much more doing and experiencing, than other programs with huge manuals and tons of paperwork. I am a big believer in experiential learning, and Kathleen’s mentorship program is set up to do just that. I am amazed at how incredibly fruitful the horse sessions are for my clients.


Time and time again, I see the horse coaches be able to unlock someone, to hold their space in such a way to allow the client to surrender and be with whatever is blocking them from their desired outcomes. Clients feel connected and safe doing this work with the horses. The transformations keep happening, one after the other! I also felt as if I had a touchstone, friend, and wisdom guide for myself as I stepped into this new territory with my clients. We not only reviewed the horse sessions, but Kathleen also checked in with my life, and how my challenges were going. I continue to hire her monthly to coach me as she always has such succinct wisdom and guidance that helps me to grow.”


Life Coach, ADD Coach, Asperger’s Coach, Equine Experiential Coaching

Maude Beauchamp

Hannah and Maude 3“Working with Kathleen in the Advanced EFL Mentorship has been a grounding and fruitful experience, both professionally and personally. With having a lifetime worth of horse experience, and training in both the EAGALA and Epona Equine Facilitated Learning models, I was on my way in this field. But I had this nagging feeling …. that I needed more… instruction, guidance, and oversight from an “expert” as I began my foray into this work with horses. I am so grateful for Kathleen!  Grateful hat I “found” her and that she has been so willing to educate and support me.


Kathleen brings a wealth of leading edge information and experience to her Mentorship program, informing throughout from both her personal and professional lives as a therapist and pioneer in the Equine Facilitated Learning field. And she is such a nice person with this BIG wonderful heart! I feel confident with the mentorship I have received from Kathleen and happy to know she is there for me as I move forward with my horses and clients!”

Susan Murrell Castañeda, MS, NBCT, BCC

“The value in Kathleen’s mentorship is in being able to receive the benefit of her vast experience and wisdom in a one to one setting. The readings and practice sessions have enabled me to embody a deeper awareness of the foundational teachings of Epona, and Kathleen’s gifted and brilliant coaching served as the connection between awareness and manifestation. Many times during my work with Kathleen, she suggested perspectives that stopped me in my tracks! Not only would the viewpoints have never occurred to me, but they transformed my obsolete thinking patterns. Kathleen truly creates a “sacred space of possibility” through her deep capacity to love, to accept every nuance of the human experience…and her tireless quest to continue learning and growing enhance her strengths as a mentor and coach who walks her talk….guiding by example. Thank you, Kathleen!”


Equine Alchemy Southwest


Allyson Danielson Payson

allyson and theo“My experience with Kathleen in EFL training was phenomenal. Theo (my horse partner) and I undertook this wonderful journey with Kathleen as my first practice client!

 The program that Kathleen provides was as challenging and thought provoking as any of my past graduate work. The first day I met Kathleen there was an instant connection. The program is one on one with personalized training that was perfect for me. 

 Kathleen was powerful, positive and perceptive during our work together. I was fortunate to take this journey in my senior years of life and combine two of my passions, counseling and equines. Thank you Kathleen for all your wisdom, experience and continual support to complete the certification program.”



Vatonia Harris

Toni Harris's horses - Canada Ziggy and Jo left to right“My experience in Kathleen’s mentorship program was truly life changing. The thought-provoking reading assignments and consultations profoundly expanded my awareness of the equine facilitated learning field, in addition to transforming my overall understanding of human relatedness and connectivity.

Her incredible wisdom of the healing potential of the horse-human bond, in addition to Kathleen’s vast background as a psychotherapist and her incredible knowledge and passion of neuroscience resulted in numerous discoveries and “a-ha” moments.  Her professionalism and incredible dedication to ethical practice and client / equine well-being and safety is truly admirable. Despite her pioneering status in this field, Kathleen is approachable, humble, down-to-earth, and easily accessible.

Kathleen’s teaching style is both supportive and challenging, ensuring a rich and progressive learning experience, no matter your background.Her amazing dedication and passion to this field is truly inspiring, and her “beginners mind” approach to life is remarkable.

I feel truly blessed to have embarked on this journey, and am both honored and privileged to maintain an ongoing consultative mentorship relationship as I continue on this remarkable path.”


Inspired Connections
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Corey DeMala

applause and corey

“The Mentorship Program with Kathleen was a life-changing experience, both personally and professionally.  The program is grounded in current research and psychological theory and at the same time also includes the spirituality of working with horses.  I have taken many training programs and have never found one so in-depth and complete.  It is such an honor to work with Kathleen.  She has an incredible amount of experience in the field, but it is her own personal energy that I believe takes this program to the next level.  I always walked away from our coaching calls with a renewed sense of passion and confidence towards my work.  And that is priceless! “

Read Corey’s Coaching Experience story from the February 2014 newsletter “Where the Learning Happens.

Chantal Birch

2015-01-25 04.06.50“I first met Kathleen in 2007 while attending the Epona Advanced Study Program. Kathleen’s open honest approach in sharing how best to do equine facilitated learning really resonated with me. In the years since, I struggled to articulate my vision for a program at my farm. I was so happy to find Kathleen again and to have an opportunity to work with her one on one. Her depth of experience is amazing, and her willingness to share all that she has learned is truly a blessing. She has clarified so many key concepts for me, and helped to give birth to my personal vision and voice in doing this work. With her encouragement, I incorporate Yoga and mindfulness, along with the spiritual, creative and healing arts to enhance the equine facilitated learning experience. Clients benefit from this soul nurturing time with the horses on so many levels.  Its wonderful to know that as I build my program Kathleen is right there beside me as I continue to grow as a facilitator.”


Horse Spirit Wisdom, Equine Guided Experiences for Women & Girls

Lesley Gough


Lesley with LolaKathleen’s mentorship program, guidance and support have brought me to a new place in my professional and personal life. Kathleen has been my shining star and has taught me valuable lessons as a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist working alongside my beautiful herd of horses, as well as enhancing the way I experience relationships in my personal life.


The knowledge and wisdom Kathleen has imparted upon me has been inspiring throughout our time together. Even though Kathleen is widely acknowledged as one of the “grandmothers” of EFL, she is humble, approachable, sound and easily reachable. I cannot thank her enough for giving me the framework to enable me to get the best out of my work with horses and humans together. I now feel I can offer an experiential process which is rich in human learning and healing. I can also seek to take the psychological, physical, emotional as well as social and spiritual needs of each individual into account and to promote wholeness and authenticity in all aspects of a person’s being.


The mentorship program is the most gratifying experience and has given me so much more than I expected. In the six months Kathleen and I have worked together, I have completely changed the way I offer my business, redesigned my service and expanded my client base. I never expected to achieve so much in such a short space of time.


Chater Valley Farm


Hayat Fakhouri, BSc.Hons


“I originally embarked in the mentorship program for Equine Facilitated Learning and  what I received was much more than that. The mentorship program with Kathleen has been life changing to say the least. After spending over six months learning from her the model of EFL, I find myself today in an completely different zone within my life and my work which I never expected to reach when I signed up for the program. Kathleen’s supportive, encouraging, motivating and “holding” nature as well as her extensive knowledge and experience opened the doors to a lifelong dream.


The mentorship program not only taught me the fundamental theoretical underpinnings of EFL, it has enriched and deepened my private counselling practice in ways beyond expectation. Hours of coaching and mentoring in counselling and EFL practice as well as unconditional support and learning to be self-aware to better self-care gave me a well of insight into myself and a boost in confidence to take my practice as a counsellor and a facilitator in EFL to higher level. I could not say enough about this program and I look forward to continuing my work with Kathleen.”


The video above chronicles Hayat’s personal journey after completing my mentorship program and IFEAL facilitator training.

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Yvonne, Kathleen and Sun Tui


Coaching is Not Psychotherapy

Kathleen Barry Ingram, MA, BCC had a private counseling practice in Tucson, Arizona for 16 years and decided to move towards life coaching as a way to encourage, motivate and enhance people’s lives. She understands and adheres to the highest ethical standards and refers any client who needs a mental health professional to an appropriate source. She maintains her supervisory relationship with Steven Bupp. MD, who has guided and mentored her throughout her career.

Kathleen Barry Ingram, MA, BCC is also a Board Certified Coach, certified by the Center for Credentialing & Education (