September 7 – 9, 2012: Earthwalk, Shapeshifting for the 21st Century, Gaston, OR

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Featuring Kathleen Barry Ingram, Co-founder of the Epona Approach™ & Holli Lyons, Advanced Instructor

Spend 3 days surrounded by trees, nature, horses and the silence.

Some cultures believe every species was given Original Instructions; how to be what they are, not something else. Original Instructions on what it is to be a horse, rock, or plant. Horses know how to be a horse; they don’t try to be a rock or a plant.

Many human beings have forgotten what it is they are here to do, how to walk as a human. They have forgotten their Original Instructions.

Our time on Mother Earth is our Earthwalk™; our time to walk the human path, to remember what it is to be human and live a GOOD human story.

It was once common thought that we were our past and our future was predetermined by the experiences of that past. We now understand through the Science of Neuroplasticity that we can change, direct and intentionally create our future. We are no longer prisoners of our past.

Using Merging Epona™ basic and advanced material with nature based traditional wisdom, creative/somatic expression, the latest in neuroscience and the most ancient of animal behavior, Kathleen, Holli and the horses facilitate an opportunity for you to understand, experience, explore and integrate universal wisdom into your everyday life.

Horses facilitate awareness, change, growth, intentional creation, love, play and joy. Shapeshift Walk a Good Earthwalk™. Remember your Original Instructions. 

9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Friday
10:00 a.m. – 5 p.m. Saturday & Sunday

Cost: $ 695.00 includes lunch, snacks & all materials

For information or to register, contact Holli Lyons 503-662-3213 or

Workshop held at Lyons Gait, Gaston, Oregon.

September 17-21, 2012: Equine Assisted Qualifications: Facilitator Training Programme with Kathleen Ingram, United Kingdom

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IFEAL Qualifications and Facilitator Training Pathway

The IFEAL Qualifications Training Programme offers a new, cutting edge and exciting approach, challenging us all as aspiring educators and practitioners in this field to verify and ground our work in solid research and years of case experience.

Sun Tui, Barbara Murray, KathleenThe IFEAL training programmes are based upon ethical Authentic Horsemanship/Horse Management specific to horses who take part in Equine Facilitated Learning work. This is an important aspect because the horses are regarded as part of the Faculty at IFEAL.

The methodology of IFEAL incorporating Epona Approach™ ensures Horses and Humans work in non-coercive environments. The work is consensual in every aspect and, as such, the emotional, mental and welfare needs of the horse are fully taken into account.

If you have completed Step 1: Basic Training and Step 2: Advanced Training then you are ready for Step 3: Specialisms.

Step 3 Specialisms: IFEAL Specialist Training (FTP 03)
Training to continually innovate and adapt the horse-work in depth with your own professional background, such as:

• Business (FTP 03.1) e.g. coaching, mentoring, staff development
• Psychotherapy (FTP 03.2) e.g. using specific modalities
• Spirituality (FTP 03.3) e.g. spiritual growth and practice
• Healing Practices (FTP 03.4) e.g. bodywork, alternative approaches
• Transition Trauma (FTP 03.5) e.g. military and other specific trauma arenas

Step 3: Specialism is a pre-requisite for Step 4: IFEAL Master Facilitator and Programme Training.

For more information or to register, visit:

September 22 – October 2, 2012: Connecting the Pieces: Private Sessions with Kathleen Barry Ingram and Sun Tui: United Kingdom

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The researched evidence is that in order for any therapeutic technique to be effective, it is essential that the person is fully present, empathetic and congruent.Private day/days Intensives affords the opportunity for an individual (or partnership; either personal relationship or professional) to deepen awareness of personal issues, core feelings and areas of bodily tension that inhibit the ability to reach your fullest true potential.

Kathleen and Lozen Elemental horse related activities, that could include a sweat lodge set with in the IFEAL herd’s woodland environment and swimming, are designed to explore and integrate an expansive, yet grounded mind set, capable of endless compassion, innovation, energetic adaptability and creativity.Our work will include experiencing the spiritual and scientific biology of emotions to integrate them with the Mind and Body. Doing so elicits Working Relationship in all areas of personal and professional life.
    • Tai Chi with the Herd starts the day at 9 am and the day closes at 5 pm.
    • A bio dynamic organic lunch and nutritious snacks are tailored and served to your tastes.

Kathleen Barry Ingram, co-founder of The Epona Approach™ is a Tucson-based life coach, consultant, lecturer and educator specializing in Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning.

Sun Tui is the founder and director of IFEAL and is an Advanced Epona Approach Instructor. She teaches Horse Way Tai Chi and Integral Body Mind Therapy.

To book a private session:

September 25-27, 2012: The Zone of Intuitive Knowing; United Kingdom

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Exploring the Scientific, Psychological and Esoteric Dimensions of the IFEAL Approach with Kathleen Ingram and Sun Tui 

The Zone of Intuitive Knowing is a radical program for people interested in the neural science, subtle energetic and physiological connections between all of life. It is thought that all beings exist as a unity, interdependent in relationship with all in the invisible web of the quantum field. Horses, as consummate teachers, can show us how to re-discover, connect and develop our ‘knowing’ selves. The Zone of Intuitive Knowing comes directly from aligning the ‘brain in the gut’ with the ‘brain in the heart’ and the Mind.

Your biography becomes your biology.
This program includes experiential opportunities with the horses that engage our innate abilities to use the body as a tool for self-knowledge and perception for health and wellbeing.

Most psychologists treat the mind as disembodied, a phenomenon with little or no connection to the physical body. Conversely physicians treat the body with no regard to the mind or the emotions. But the body and mind are not separate and we cannot treat one without the other. Research has shown that the body can and must be healed through the mind and that the mind can and must be healed through the body.
Neuroscientist, Candace B Pert, Ph.D

Direct, spontaneous healing happens easily when we understand our pain and illness from the perspective of The Present. The focus is primarily on what the feelings or body sensations are in the moment, in the NOW. This way we effortlessly let go of the limiting beliefs and stories of the past and re-script new life enriching pathways to a future of other possibilities and potentials.

The Zone of Intuitive Knowing explores:

  • Developing courage and confidence to choose health and well being
  • Increases presence and effectiveness in life
  • Collaborative relationships with sentient beings with mutual respect for accessing deeper wisdoms
  • Communication and connection with clarity whilst in movement and flow of life

IFEAL Experiences take place with horses working on the ground in their natural environment. No riding is involved and no experience of horses is required.

To register for this 3 day workshop visit
*Follow up individual coaching sessions are available in conjunction with this workshop. 



April 26-29, 2012: FEEL Certification Program, Toronto, Canada

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In April, I will once again be joining with Horse Spirit Connections and the students in Toronto, Canada.  I teach what I call the “foundational pieces” from psychotherapy, science, and spirituality in this exciting and thorough program.  Below is a short description of the program.  To find out more about the program and to register contact

Horse Spirit Connections founded the FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning) Certification Program in 2008.  FEEL is a leading-edge modality for developing human potential.  Participants learn to create a horse-centered, experiential learning environment that supports personal growth.  Throughout the training, prospective FEEL facilitators gain self-knowledge and acquire skills and experience to develop their own FEEL programs where horses are valued for their roles as teachers and therapists.

This comprehensive training program is suitable for coaches, educators, facilitators, equine professionals, wellness practitioners, and other individuals who are looking for practical training and experience in developing Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning programs in the expanding field of Equine guided healing.

The FEEL Certification Program is six months in duration.  It consists of sixteen days of on-site instruction spread over three sessions. Many dynamic teachers, with an incredible array of knowledge, are present to support the journey.

During the six months, there will be individual and group assignments integral to a deeper understanding and first hand experience of this new modality. In between program sessions the participants are required to practice and complete assigned horse related activities and log their experiences.  A program mentor is assigned to each participant for the duration of their training.

June 5-7, 2012: A Master’s Course – The Art, The Heart, & The Science of Deep Listening through Team Coaching and Group Process: Corrales, NM

March 13, 2012 by  

A 3 day Intensive training in Group Process and Dynamics in Corrales, New Mexico with Kathleen Barry Ingram and Lisa Murrell, Susan Castaneda, and the Ranch DuBois herd.

group processLisa and Kathleen, leaders in the field of Equine Facilitated Learning, Team Coaching, Coaching and Psychotherapy, will use their expertise, combined 30+ years of experience, and the latest scientific research to teach and encourage participants in the effective use of team coaching and group process.

As a therapist, counselor, coach or personal growth teacher you understand the “double edge” power of human groups.  Groups can create a transformative container for growth and self-discovery, but when groups go wrong they can destroy trust and leave participants more defensive than before. This is even more true for groups organized around EFL/EFC experiences, where the horses create moments of great transformative potential.  Masterful group facilitation is critical to successful and safe Equine Facilitated Learning and Coaching. 

This dynamic and intimate intensive will help you learn to masterfully facilitate the challenge of fully engaging both individuals and the group.  Through dynamic teaching and learning techniques you will discover powerful ways to get out of the ‘story’ and into the heart of the matter.  These tools will enable you to use the energy of the “difficult” client as a tool for monitoring the emotional safety of each group member.

jan 2012 new mexicoThis training is for counselors, therapists, coaches, health care practitioners, and anyone currently teaching and facilitating Equine Facilitated Coaching/Learning and psychotherapy in groups.  Whether you work with adults or youth, closed or open groups, or whether your scope of practice includes Psychotherapy/Learning or Coaching-this training will give you valuable information and increase your confidence and skills in facilitating group process and understanding group dynamics.

Cost: Early Bird Price $797 (Before March 30, 2012)
Price after March 30: $1297

To register:
Questions? Contact Lisa:

Fast Action Bonuses (Act before March 30, 2012):
*The first 2 participants to register will receive a private coaching session with Lisa or Kathleen!
*The first 4 participants to register can bring a friend for 25% off!

***International Coaching Federation CCEU’s available
***CEU’s available

Wednesday, January 25, 2012: Coaching From the Heart a FREE Internet ‘Salon’

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Coaching From the Heart: A FREE Internet ‘Salon’
Wednesday, January 25, 2012 at 1:00 PM  EST

Are You A Coach Who Wants to Create Transformation, then join Lisa Murrell and Kathleen Ingram on for a FREE live streaming internet “salon” called “Coaching From the Heart” on Wednesday, January 25, 2012 at 1:00 PM  EST

What is coaching from the heart?   A way of connecting with ourselves and our clients that is based upon relationships and recognizes the value of emotions and energy in supporting and guiding those who come to us for coaching –concepts that are inherent horse wisdom and difficult to learn in traditional coaching programs.

Equine Coaches, Simon, Tibor and Spanky will join us as we go deeply into a conversation about:

  • The 5 critical elements for transformational coaching
  • How the ‘Shadow Self; (those unrecognized and unaccepted aspects of ourselves) hold important wisdom for our coaching and clients.
  • Why emotional and energetic agility is THE future of coaching.
  • How you can take your coaching to the next level through Equine Assisted coaching!

Your first Salon?  A  Salon is a gathering of like-minded people under the roof of an inspiring host, held partly to amuse one another and partly to refine taste and increase the knowledge of the participants through conversation and connection.

What is Live Streaming? A very nifty piece of internet technology that will let us interact and engage live- almost like we were together in person – ala ‘salon’. (Don’t worry, if you can open a URL in your web browser, you’ll be able to participate easily and with grace.)

To register for this call visit Lisa’s site:

February 3-5, 2012: “Launching Your Coaching Journey,” A 3 day Learning Intensive with Lisa Murrell and Kathleen Barry Ingram, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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This experience can, and most likely will, change your life!!

Are you ready to step into your greatness and share your gifts?  Do you want to wake up each day excited and full of gratitude because you are living your life with a clear purpose? Would you like to live in a like-hearted community of learning and support? Then you have arrived!  “Launching your Coaching Journey” is about launching your life as you intend it to be from now on…. Coaching is not a ‘job,’ it is a way of being.

Relationship building is at the heart of coaching!  The experience of working with horses requires a relationship with another being. It requires an acute awareness of boundaries -yours and theirs- as well as skill in interpreting body language. Interacting with horses requires obtaining permission to lead and demonstrating a willingness to follow. Such a relationship demands courage as well as vulnerability. Most importantly, the horse requires authentic communication. Twenty minutes in the round pen with a horse will take these powerful, insightful concepts off the page, out of your head, and anchor them into your entire being. You will also experience a tremendous boost in self-esteem and confidence from learning how to connect and establish boundaries with a thousand pound creature through a mind/body connection, presence and clarity of intent and connecting with your ‘heart’s desire’.

Virtual Classroom Work before the in-person learning intensive to prepare for our time with the horses will include:
Introduction to Coaching
-The ICF competencies and standards
-Distinctions between therapy and coaching
-Setting the coaching foundation
-Co-Creating the relationship, Part 1

On-site Equine and Experiential Components – Creating Awareness of Self and Others:
Through a series of specially designed activities with horses on the ground (no riding), you will deepen awareness of your personal challenges, core feelings and areas of bodily tension that inhibit your ability to reach your true potential.

Launching your Coaching Journey Workshop includes:
-Pre-site work
-3 day on-site learning intensives with the horses
-1 private coaching session with Lisa
-1 90 min content session with group
-1 90 min peer coaching call

This is an ICF Approved Coach Training Workshop

Cost: $2000 per person

For more information, or to register, visit:

March 19-21, 2012: The Zone of Intuitive Knowing, an Intensive with Kathleen Barry Ingram and Sun Tui, United Kingdom

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The Zone of Intuitive Knowing led by Kathleen Barry Ingram MA co-creator of The Epona Approach ™

Exploring the Scientific, Psychological and Spiritual Dimensions of Equine Facilitated Learning and Psychotherapy

If you are interested in the subtle energetic connections between all of life then this workshop is for you.   We exist as a unity, interdependent in relationship with all in the invisible web of the quantum field.  Horses, as consummate teachers, can show us how to re-discover, connect and develop our “knowing” selves.  The Zone of Intuitive “Knowing” comes directly from the ‘brain in the gut’ and the ‘brain in the heart’.  This workshop includes experiential exercises with the horses that engage our innate abilities to use these organs of perception.  We can choose to enter the Zone of Intuitive “Knowing” through direction from these powerful centers of intelligence in concert with the intelligence centered in the brain.  When fully grounded we are able to extend our self-awareness into all aspects of daily life and live authentically each moment with tangible success.

Business and life coaches, counselors, psychotherapists, healing therapists (any discipline), teachers, business managers, trainers and consultants, all horse professionals or anyone interested in human growth and development will find this workshop helpful. This is a no- riding workshop.

This workshop can be used as a qualifying workshop for IFEAL Facilitator Training

Cost: £1,450.00

Contact Sun Tui:
For more information or to book this intensive:



April 2- 5, 2012: Connecting the Pieces, Private Sessions with Kathleen Barry Ingram and Sun Tui, United Kingdom or Cypress

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Connecting the Pieces, Private Sessions with Kathleen Barry Ingram and Sun Tui

The researched evidence is that in order for any therapeutic technique to be effective, it is essential that the person is fully present, empathetic and congruent.

These private day/days Intensives affords the opportunity for an individual (or partnership – either personal relationship or professional) to deepen awareness of personal issues, core feelings and areas of bodily tension that inhibit the ability to reach your fullest true potential. Elemental horse related activities, that could include swimming or a sweat lodge set with in the IFEAL herd’s woodland environment, are designed to explore and integrate an expansive yet grounded mind set, capable of endless compassion, innovation, energetic adaptability and creativity. Our work will include experiencing the spiritual and scientific biology of emotions to integrate them with the Mind and Body.

Each session is custom tailored to meet individual’s needs, lasts 3 hours or more, begins with Tai Chi with the Herd.

A biodynamic organic lunch and nutritious snacks tailored and served to your taste are provided.

Kathleen Barry Ingram, co-founder of The Epona Approach™ is a Tucson-based life coach, consultant, lecturer and educator specializing in Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning

Sun Tui is the founder and director of IFEAL and is an Advanced Epona Approach Instructor. She teaches Horse Way Tai Chi and Integral Body Mind Therapy.

Special Note: These intensive sessions are also available at Sun Tui’s Olympus Mountain retreat home in Cypress. The home is a beautiful 11th century cottage, with mountain views over the 11th Century Monastery and Monagri village. The cottage is a pleasurable scenic 30 minute drive to either glorious Mediterranean beaches or breathtaking views from the top of Mount Olympus. On-site accommodation available.

Contact Sun Tui:
For more information or to book a private session:


April 12, 2012: The Power of Horses: An Introduction to the Epona Approach ™ with Kathleen Ingram, Dusseldorf, Germany

January 22, 2012 by  

The Power of Horses:  An Introduction to the Epona Approach ™ with Kathleen Ingram, Co-founder of the Approach. 

A full day of learning, horse experience, and the basics behind the Epona Approach ™.  This is not a method of training but an approach to being in integrity with the horse and the client.

Cost:  180€ with snacks and a vegetarian lunch.

This workshop will be held in English – German translation possible if required.

Please contact Eva Balzer, Stockweg 143, 45481 Muelheim an der Ruhr, Germany
Mobile phone: +49 (0)172-2320836

April 14-15, 2012: Connecting with the Heart – Yours and the Horse’s, Dusseldorf, Germany

January 22, 2012 by  

Grace in Presence and Flow in Movement.

This 2 day workshop is an advanced workshop for those already familiar with the Epona Approach™ which is not a method of training or working the horse.  Kathleen Ingram, as the co-creator of the Epona Approach™ with Linda Kohanov (author of the “Tao of Equus”), along with Eva and her magnificent herd will encourage the participants to follow their hearts in a respectful relationship. This workshop will help participants to maintain connection with respect and afford opportunities to take this into movement with the horse.   Each individual’s intuitive gifts and the horses true essence is honored and encouraged.

Daniel Siegel, author of “Mindsight“, uses the description of this honoring of self with others and calls this “feeling felt”.  In order for this to take place both the horse and the person must feel and experience the soul and essence of each other.  As facilitators, we hope to help others to be open to their unique gifts and challenges.  We will assist them in this integration for following the original “blueprint of their souls”.  To do this the person must be present to what is happening and look for collaboration in stillness and movement, essentially what Kathleen has called the “Yin and Yang of It

Cost:  395€ with snacks and Vegetarian lunches.

This workshop will be held in English – German translation possible if required.

Please contact Eva Balzer, Stockweg 143, 45481 Muelheim an der Ruhr, Germany


Mobile phone: +49 (0)172-2320836

CANCELLED! The Sacred Pause: Living in Uncertain Times: February 14 – 19, 2012, Tubac, AZ

November 29, 2011 by  


A mid-winter retreat in sunny southern Arizona at Pocket Sanctuary at Kenyon Ranch

Connect with a group of women gathering to seek serenity in the uncertainty of these times and discover new ways to wait patiently in this Sacred Pause. Together we’ll explore the art of surrendering to what “is” by becoming “naked” with nothing to hide, “vulnerable” with nothing to defend, “empty” with nothing to lose, “in the unknown” with nothing to fear, and open to what is meant to happen.

Facilitators are three Elders: Mary Louise Gould, Holotropic Breathwork Practitioner, Kathleen Ingram, Counselor/Coach, and Eve B. Lee, Shamanic Practitioner, who will guide the gathering in activities including meditation, Holotropic Breathwork, shamanic journeying, reflective round pen work with horses, inspired writing, walking the labyrinth and working with dreams.

To prepare for the retreat and to begin to answer the question: “Where do we go from here?,” participants will read  When the Heart Waits by Sue Monk Kidd.

Cost:  $1850 per person including meals and lodging

Nonrefundable Deposit:  $400 by January 16, 2012  (The program requires a minimum of 7 participants)

Save 10% for payment in full ($1665) by January 2, 2012

Save an additional $100 apiece for you and each friend you bring!

For more information contact Mary-Louise Gould at or 520-975-6126, or log on to

Horse work will be done at Equine Voices Rescue and Sanctuary:

IFEAL Graduation UK, June 2011

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2011 IFEAL Graduates

On June 10, 2011 the IFEAL graduation took place after a full week with facilitators and practice clients.  The new facilitators, Dawn Oakley Smith, Angela Green, and Debbie King have successfully completed the program they began last September.

Barbara Murray
Barbara Murray

Their integrity, enthusiasm and complete understanding of the work fill me with hope and joy for the continuation of Equine  Facilitated Learning in the UK and worldwide. Sun Tui, Barbara Murray and Shelley Carr continue to inspire and teach others through their combined gifts and talents.

2011 IFEAL Herd

2011 IFEAL Herd

Florida Continuing Education, March 2009

April 14, 2009 by  

Ruth leading Pinor

Ruth leading Pinor








 Refinement of Your Practice

Lisa Murrell, Johanna Husta and the Equine Alchemy herd,  hosted Kathleen for 2 days of continuing education for practioners of equine facilitated learning.  Working with Lisa and Johanna and their fabulous herd of horses was so fulfilling for everyone.  Among some of the topics discussed and the highlights were recent research on the 3 brain theory of learning; limbic revision and regulation; the differences and comparisons of Equine Facilitated Learning, Equine Psychotherapy, and Equine Assisted Coaching; working consensually with the horses online; leading exercises to determine primary communication styles; and facilitator’s experinces and the lessons they have received from their individual work with horses.  Johanna Husta,,  demonstrated useful horse exercises which are very congruent with EFL work.  Attending were Diane Molony from Florida; Laurel Boyer from Colorado;  Helene Bernier & Sylvain Poirer from Quebec; Ruth LeCocq from Jersey,UK  and Giselle Faubel from Florida 

Lisa, Helene & Simon

Lisa, Helene & Simon


Lisa &Tibor

Lisa &Tibor




Simon, Johanna & Sylvain Online Exercise

Simon, Johanna & Sylvain Online Exercise


Diane & Simon

Diane & Simon










Sylvain so Happy

Sylvain so Happy

















Laurel leading Pinor

Laurel leading Pinor




























































































































































February in Toronto, Canada

April 14, 2009 by  

February in Toronto

Kathleen traveled to Toronto, Canada to work with Wendy and Andre Golding’s,, 2009 FEEL training class.  The psychological/spiritual aspects of Equine Facilitated Learning and practice in Reflective roundpen were the primary teachings for the two days with Kathleen.  The class of 8 and the instructors, Wendy, Andre and Victoria Poe, felt this was definitely valuable and prepared the class for their work in equine facilitated learning.  Ann Frohman, Christy Clarke, Colleen Cochrane, Debbie Sexsmith, Janis Mirynech, Marianne Bertrand, Melissa Woudstra and Suzanne Latchford took part in the 2 day training with Kathleen and also participated in the 3rd day when Wendy presented an excellent exercise to assist the students to Create Their Vision for their practices.  Gael Crystal Light Warrior gave a very informative presentation on Shamanic Medicine,  and possible applications to the EFL work.

Kathleen will be going back to Tornonto next February to teach the new class of students.  Here are a few pictures of the class, horses and instructors.

Wendy, Gael, Andre & Kathleen

Wendy, Gael, Andre & Kathleen

Training Group

Training Group

The Teachers

The Teachers

Christy with her teacher

Christy with her teacher



December 8, 2008 by  

HEAL Graduation 2008

HEAL and instructors, Leigh Shambo and Kathleen Barry Ingram, are proud to announce the premier class of graduates from the Facilitator Training Program.  Jean Ryan Brothman, Ella Bloomfield,  Samantha Heath-Lange, and Judith Kay successfully completed the program on October 25, 2008. 

 Leigh and I wanted to create, design, and implement a program which would encourage talented people to take the HEAL principles, teachings and philosophy to a wider audience of horses and humans.  These five individuals, with varied backgrounds and life stories, rigorously undertook the challenge to uncover hidden truths and gifts, thereby discovering their own unique way of presenting and teaching equine facilitated learning. 

We learned a lot this year ourselves, and we are confident that these individuals and others can take this paradigm shifting concept to horses and humans. It is time to change and influence how we all relate to each other and we gratefully acknowledge the guidance and wisdom our four legged companions give us on a daily basis.                                                   


 Here are the graduates in their Own Words:


Ella Bloomfield from the United Kingdom writes:   









Ella Bloomfield

Ella Bloomfield

“Horses have certainly been the healers in my life, but what began as a personal experience and an intuition that people and horses can heal together, has become for me, over the past year, a researched and abiding truth. The HEAL Facilitator Training Program taught me how to celebrate my individual strengths and bring them to a field that heals through the language of the heart. This approach to healing and personal development is a whole-istic experience for all involved – the client, the horse, the facilitator, and the larger circle surrounding each one.  This year has been life changing, and I now find myself, all of myself, embarking on a career with horses and people that is both personally meaningful and of great consequence in the world.”


Jean Ryan Brothman from Fort Valley, Virginia:


Jean Brothman & Magic

Jean Brothman & Magic





“HEAL is healing for humans and the horses. It is all about relationship with self through authentic communication and partnership with our equine companions.  Mind, body, and spirit work which reflects our true nature through the horse’s reaction to our being in the present moment. HEAL is essential healing on a myriad of levels. What a magical time of discovery my training has been and continues to be, never the same, always learning.”



Judith Kay from Colorado Springs, Colorado:


Judith Kay at Graduation

Judith Kay at Graduation







“During the final week of our training we were given the opportunity to conduct an individual EFL session with a client.  My client, Terry, had participated previously in Leigh and Kathleen’s workshop “Energy and Grace”.  Terry shared with me her experiences in the workshop before meeting the herd this time.  Even though she came to the workshop with little horse experience she overcame her anxiety and in the end was able to take her joyful engagement with Gem, Leigh’s wise older mare, into her everyday life.  Later, when it was necessary for her to have a scary diagnostic procedure, she visualized Gem and her doctor commented that he had never seen her so calm.  Terry chose Gem again and this time was able to halter, walk, groom and engage with Gem as they mirrored each other in gentleness.  The joy shone through Terry’s face, “I can’t believe I’m doing this!” Gem gave Terry and me the gift of opening our hearts.  Each of us trusted her to take us to the next level and she did it perfectly. I believe it is possible to carry this gift forward to being able to access and follow our hearts under other circumstances by overcoming some of our fears and opening ourselves to new experiences, and knowing fuller joy in living.  This is the healing, soul work of horses, the blessed ones who bless us with their knowing.”



Sam Heath-Lange from Lake Stevens, Washington:


Sam Lange Graduates

Sam Lange Graduates




 “Many horse owners come to riding instructors, as a client might come to a therapist; looking to a professional to fix their problem horse or solve their emotional issues.  What I have learned as an EFL facilitator is to listen without judgment, to empower people to look inside and to trust their gut, and to explore new ways of approaching issues that lead to healthier outcomes for both human and horse.”


 You can contact these facilitators:

Samantha Heath-Lange                                            

12724 128th Ave NE

Lake Stevens, WA 98258

Tel: 360-658-8980

Cell: 206-979-5963


Judith Kay

2732 Ron Court

Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Tel: 719-633-1979



Jean Ryan Brothman

2016 Boliver Rd.

Fort Valley, VA 22652

540 933-6225 Home

540 325-4900 (cell)


Ella Bloomfield                                                               

Nash Dom                                                                        

Hartley Bridge Hill                                                           



England, GL6 0QB                                                             

Tel: 01453 835825



Continuing Education with Epona Instructors: Vermont

November 25, 2008 by  

Lisa Murrell & Jan Koerwitz

Lisa Murrell & Jan Koerwitz

Susan Campbell at Georgie's

Susan Campbell at Georgie's

In September nine Epona Apprenticeship Graduates met with Kathleen to have a continuing education weekend in beautiful Vermont.  This event was sponsored by Georgie Stapleton at her farm, Midnight Mountain  Georgie’s horses, her husband, Brian and the magical land supported all of us in the weekend of growth and opportunity. 

The following instructors partcipated in this exciting and enlightening weekend:

Abby C. Williams, BA; Licensed Massage Therapist,Maine

Susan Middleton Campbell, MA Clinical Psychology; Lic. Mental Health Counselor
781-576-9419, Maine


Lisa Murrell, Professional Certified Coach (ICF), Executive Coach
845-687-4324 (May-November), New York State & Florida


Michael Grden (Mufasa), New York State Licensed Massage Therapist       

Mufasa & Jean DiMarco in Vermont

Mufasa & Jean DiMarco in Vermont

518-392-4682 New York State                                                                                   


Francine Phillips, MS.Ed, Certified Infant Massage Instructor
845-485-7106, New York State


Jean M. DiMarco
914-204-6212, New York State

Georgeanna Stapleton; MA in Counseling Psychology, EFP               

Francine, Jan, Lisa, Georgie, Paula & Susan in Vermont

Francine, Jan, Lisa, Georgie, Paula & Susan in Vermont

802-276-2139, Vermont

Jan Case Koerwitz, California

707 695-3284


Paula Bixby, Maine


United Kingdom Visit in July, 2008

October 8, 2008 by  

Kathleen visited and worked with 7 Epona Equestrian Services instructors, www.taoofequus.comin England, Ireland and the Island of Jersey.  This was the first time for the collaboration of this wonderful instructors and we conducted workshops, had a continuing education day, gave demonstrations and individual sessions.  Anna Pell, Miranda Carey, Yvonne Monahan, Angela Dunning, Sun Tui Meyer and Ruth LeCocq attended the contiuing education day for instructors at the Leap Center in Gloucestershire hosted by Sam Quinlan. 

Angela Dunning in Gloucestershire- Leap Center

Angela Dunning in Gloucestershire- Leap Center

 Sun Tui Meyer and Barbara Murray from Spain hosted Kathleen at a workshop in Forest Row, East Sussex.  This was a beginning workshop for individuals interested in equine facilitated learning with individual sessions scheduled with Kathleen the day after the 2 day workshop.  It was great to introduce people to this work and see their eyes light up with new self-awareness and as usual, the horses were great! 

Sun Tui & Lozen

Sun Tui & Lozen

Anna Pell, one of the great tour guides for Kathleen, made sure to stop at Stonehenge on our way back up to Hampshire for the Advanced workshop.  Truly a magnificent site with the energy of the ancient ones filling the air.  The knowledge and spiritual wisdom of the ancient ones, the Anazazi in the American Southwest, Stonehenge and New Grange in Ireland gives one pause to reflect on the messages and gifts they can convey to us today to support us in this time of change.

Stonehenge at dusk

Stonehenge at dusk







Anna Pell, Miranda Carey, Yvonne Monahan and Kathleen conducted an advanced 4 day workshop for individuals already familiar with equine facilitated learning which was held at Hazeley Farm in North Winchester, Hampshire.  We all had an opportunity to work with a great group of people coming from England, Belgium, Holland and Ireland. The horses at the farm proved to be masters at this work.                            

Kathleen & Yvonne at Hazeley Farm

Kathleen & Yvonne at Hazeley Farm

Yvonne, Miranda & Anna

Yvonne, Miranda & Anna

Kathleen spent time with Ruth LeCocq and her family on the Island of Jersey.  Ruth and Kathleen gave a day long demonstration for mental health professionals.  One of the participants had such a profound experience with Ruth’s horse, Klaus that she decided to bring her young clients to have an opportunity to feel this for themselves.

Ruth, Klaus & Kathleen (photo courtesy of the Jersey News)

Ruth, Klaus & Kathleen (photo courtesy of the Jersey News)

Yvonne Monahan invited Kathleen to spend some time with her family in Ireland. A whirlwind of sightseeing and meeting the heart-felt Irish people brought back memories of her visit to Ireland with her father 20+ years ago.  It truly felt like coming home. 

Yvonne with her horses
Yvonne with her horses
Knowth Passage Mound
Knowth Passage Mound

A visit to Newgrange and Knowth, ancient Irish sites in the Boyne Valley, tells the story of prehistoric man’s concept of the world; the flat earth with a hemispercial bowl overhead.The passages into the Newgrange and Knowth mounds are aligned with sunrise and sunset on the solstitial and equinoctial days each year.  The sacredness of these sites reminds us to humbly see all of creation as connected and necessary.