September 17-21, 2012: Equine Assisted Qualifications: Facilitator Training Programme with Kathleen Ingram, United Kingdom

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IFEAL Qualifications and Facilitator Training Pathway

The IFEAL Qualifications Training Programme offers a new, cutting edge and exciting approach, challenging us all as aspiring educators and practitioners in this field to verify and ground our work in solid research and years of case experience.

Sun Tui, Barbara Murray, KathleenThe IFEAL training programmes are based upon ethical Authentic Horsemanship/Horse Management specific to horses who take part in Equine Facilitated Learning work. This is an important aspect because the horses are regarded as part of the Faculty at IFEAL.

The methodology of IFEAL incorporating Epona Approach™ ensures Horses and Humans work in non-coercive environments. The work is consensual in every aspect and, as such, the emotional, mental and welfare needs of the horse are fully taken into account.

If you have completed Step 1: Basic Training and Step 2: Advanced Training then you are ready for Step 3: Specialisms.

Step 3 Specialisms: IFEAL Specialist Training (FTP 03)
Training to continually innovate and adapt the horse-work in depth with your own professional background, such as:

• Business (FTP 03.1) e.g. coaching, mentoring, staff development
• Psychotherapy (FTP 03.2) e.g. using specific modalities
• Spirituality (FTP 03.3) e.g. spiritual growth and practice
• Healing Practices (FTP 03.4) e.g. bodywork, alternative approaches
• Transition Trauma (FTP 03.5) e.g. military and other specific trauma arenas

Step 3: Specialism is a pre-requisite for Step 4: IFEAL Master Facilitator and Programme Training.

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