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HEAL Graduation 2008

HEAL and instructors, Leigh Shambo and Kathleen Barry Ingram, are proud to announce the premier class of graduates from the Facilitator Training Program.  Jean Ryan Brothman, Ella Bloomfield,  Samantha Heath-Lange, and Judith Kay successfully completed the program on October 25, 2008. 

 Leigh and I wanted to create, design, and implement a program which would encourage talented people to take the HEAL principles, teachings and philosophy to a wider audience of horses and humans.  These five individuals, with varied backgrounds and life stories, rigorously undertook the challenge to uncover hidden truths and gifts, thereby discovering their own unique way of presenting and teaching equine facilitated learning. 

We learned a lot this year ourselves, and we are confident that these individuals and others can take this paradigm shifting concept to horses and humans. It is time to change and influence how we all relate to each other and we gratefully acknowledge the guidance and wisdom our four legged companions give us on a daily basis.                                                   


 Here are the graduates in their Own Words:


Ella Bloomfield from the United Kingdom writes:   









Ella Bloomfield

Ella Bloomfield

“Horses have certainly been the healers in my life, but what began as a personal experience and an intuition that people and horses can heal together, has become for me, over the past year, a researched and abiding truth. The HEAL Facilitator Training Program taught me how to celebrate my individual strengths and bring them to a field that heals through the language of the heart. This approach to healing and personal development is a whole-istic experience for all involved – the client, the horse, the facilitator, and the larger circle surrounding each one.  This year has been life changing, and I now find myself, all of myself, embarking on a career with horses and people that is both personally meaningful and of great consequence in the world.”


Jean Ryan Brothman from Fort Valley, Virginia:


Jean Brothman & Magic

Jean Brothman & Magic





“HEAL is healing for humans and the horses. It is all about relationship with self through authentic communication and partnership with our equine companions.  Mind, body, and spirit work which reflects our true nature through the horse’s reaction to our being in the present moment. HEAL is essential healing on a myriad of levels. What a magical time of discovery my training has been and continues to be, never the same, always learning.”



Judith Kay from Colorado Springs, Colorado:


Judith Kay at Graduation

Judith Kay at Graduation







“During the final week of our training we were given the opportunity to conduct an individual EFL session with a client.  My client, Terry, had participated previously in Leigh and Kathleen’s workshop “Energy and Grace”.  Terry shared with me her experiences in the workshop before meeting the herd this time.  Even though she came to the workshop with little horse experience she overcame her anxiety and in the end was able to take her joyful engagement with Gem, Leigh’s wise older mare, into her everyday life.  Later, when it was necessary for her to have a scary diagnostic procedure, she visualized Gem and her doctor commented that he had never seen her so calm.  Terry chose Gem again and this time was able to halter, walk, groom and engage with Gem as they mirrored each other in gentleness.  The joy shone through Terry’s face, “I can’t believe I’m doing this!” Gem gave Terry and me the gift of opening our hearts.  Each of us trusted her to take us to the next level and she did it perfectly. I believe it is possible to carry this gift forward to being able to access and follow our hearts under other circumstances by overcoming some of our fears and opening ourselves to new experiences, and knowing fuller joy in living.  This is the healing, soul work of horses, the blessed ones who bless us with their knowing.”



Sam Heath-Lange from Lake Stevens, Washington:


Sam Lange Graduates

Sam Lange Graduates




 “Many horse owners come to riding instructors, as a client might come to a therapist; looking to a professional to fix their problem horse or solve their emotional issues.  What I have learned as an EFL facilitator is to listen without judgment, to empower people to look inside and to trust their gut, and to explore new ways of approaching issues that lead to healthier outcomes for both human and horse.”


 You can contact these facilitators:

Samantha Heath-Lange                                            

12724 128th Ave NE

Lake Stevens, WA 98258

Tel: 360-658-8980

Cell: 206-979-5963



Judith Kay

2732 Ron Court

Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Tel: 719-633-1979




Jean Ryan Brothman

2016 Boliver Rd.

Fort Valley, VA 22652

540 933-6225 Home

540 325-4900 (cell)



Ella Bloomfield                                                               

Nash Dom                                                                        

Hartley Bridge Hill                                                           



England, GL6 0QB                                                             

Tel: 01453 835825