Healing Intuition Learned from Horses: Christy Allen, Lic. Ac.

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Christy Allen: Acupuncturist and Chinese Medical Practitioner

Christy is a friend and colleague who I believe is the best practitioner of traditional Chinese Medicine. Her skill and gentle touch have been a part of my healing for the past 15 years.  I credit Christy and other healing colleagues to my full recovery from my recent ankle surgery and full knee replacement.  
I have asked Christy to share a description of her work –  Christy is a fine example of our co-therapists, the horses, and their wide range as teachers and healers. 


One of the most frequent questions I’ve been asked over the 17 years I’ve practiced Chinese Medicine is: “How did you develop the exquisite energetic skills you have, to perceive and treat the human energy field?” Over time, I’ve realized that horses played a major role in my earliest development! By age 5, I was riding in Western-style horse shows; and between the ages of 7 and 16, horses were my constant companions. Through them, I learned how to “listen” to nonverbal communication, to sense their moods and anticipate their desires. During hours of grooming, I learned the art of palpation – and I loved to drape my body over a bareback horse, and imagine that I could merge with its horse nature… and see the world through its eyes. I also learned to watch horses move, and observe subtle changes that suggested an injury or strain might have occurred. Decades later, I would find the same skills applicable to my work with humans.

There are many different traditions and approaches in Oriental Medicine – in this respect, it is similar to the martial arts: innumerable styles and forms, all combinations of technique and artistry. As the medicine of ancient China spread across the globe, its comprehensive approach to understanding not only the mechanisms of disease, but also ways to prevent illness and enhance strength and endurance became legendary. But less well-known in the West is what I like to call the Inner Tradition of Chinese Medicine – the vital role of the spirit; the knowing of the Heart; and the roadmap to illumination that dots the human form in what we now call “acu-points.” These points have ancient names (pictograms, actually) — like “Encircling Glory,” “Spiritual Soul Gate,” “Palace of Weariness,” and “Inner Frontier Gate” – and describe states of being that can be woven into a unique treatment that touches Body, Mind and Spirit, equally.

In my role as Practitioner, I seek to generate vitality and clear perception in all of my clients – for even as they work on the mundane issues of the body, patients can simultaneously benefit from the transformational capacities of this Classical approach I practice. Healing dreams often appear, populated by symbols that relate to the 5 Elements and/or the “spirits” of the acu-points. Patients also speak about a sense of personal “authenticity” they feel re-awakening, as their Qi (vital energy) becomes stronger and more balanced. Moods and cognition typically improve; chronic health problems can be resolved; and the higher virtues of existence become actualized.

If you seek to complement the work you are doing with horses by working on your own inner journey – and feel I can help in any way — please don’t hesitate to call on me!

Many blessings!!
Christy Allen, L.Ac., Dipl.O.M.(NCCAOM) – Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

EnerQi Health, Tucson, AZ



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