Balancing Relationships through The Way of the Horse; September 16-18, 2011, Dusseldorf, Germany

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How do you find balance in all of your relationships?  During these 3 days, the horses can help you to better understand your emotions and the messages behind these emotions.  Get to know your own boundaries and experience and feel your boundaries in a whole new way with humans and horses.  Specific exercises are designed to help you learn more about your body’s innate wisdom and the body language of others.

How can you be more authentic in all of your relationships?  By learning more about our survival patterns and beliefs, which often unconsciously guide us, we can live from a place of authenticity in the present moment.  The horses – as consummate teachers -mirror and demonstrate when our feelings and thoughts inside match our behavior outside and allow us the opportunity to heal and move into a place of thriving, not merely surviving.

Please join us for this non-riding workshop. Previous horse experience is not necessary. The workshop will be held in English with German translation when needed.  This is an approved Epona beginning workshop,

Kathleen will be available for individual sessions 3 days prior to workshop and 2 days following workshop dates.

Cost:  495€    Snacks and vegetarian lunch will be provided each day.

For more information about the workshop, overnight accommodations and to register contact:

Eva Marie Balzer
Coaching for Humans and Animals
Stockweg 143
45481 Mulheim

Phone: +49 (0)2102 5283278


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